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Small team.

Our philosophy is simple.

If you look after your clients, they stay clients.

Your goal is our goal. That never changes.

We’re creatives for one simple reason - we love it. And we want you to love it as much as we do. That’s why we’ve never set out to be the biggest in the business, only the best.

We’re a small team and plan to stay that way - and we reckon that’s why our clients love us. We’re pretty laid back, but we’re very serious about delivering. What gives us our flexibility is our business model. It’s centred entirely around brokerage. Yes, with a big team you’ve got the resources in-house and ready to go. But that translates into overheads. Overheads which are inevitably charged through to the client, whether you use them or not.


We’re small.

We contract our crew in, when we need to.

And that keeps our prices pretty impressive.

Most importantly, we deliver.


We mix fun with business.

Who ever said these two things can’t mix? Our work requires a lot of passion and energy, but it’s also fun and interesting. We want you to enjoy the journey as much as we do - so that’s why, in everything we do, we bring personality to the table.

Getting to know you is an integral part of the creative process, and we actively go the extra mile to implicitly understand you and your business, getting right into the corners to deliver you projects that fit you like a glove.

We value transparency.

We’re clear, confident and don’t overthink things.

Sourcing creative contractors can be a daunting process. The costs. The long process. Will they understand us and what we need? Two-way transparency makes this less fearful.


We’re open, honest and realistic, and you should be too. We’ll work with you to set goals, scope and budget, making these reservations quickly vanish. You’ll feel like you’ve worked with us forever and our estimates aren’t as scary as you think.

We innovate

and iterate.

It doesn’t matter who you go to for your project, no one gets a draft right the first time. As good as we are at getting to know you, as far as we’re aware, mind-reading is still ‘not a thing’.

Our production process involves you. We make our drafts available in real time, enabling you to give us pointers or advice on the creative direction. Tweaks are an inevitable part of the job. So we share drafts with you more often, to solicit feedback on the bits you love, the bits you hate, or the bits you’re not sure about.


Doing this, means we consistently revisit the purpose, aligning our edits to your project goals, the whole way through.


We'd shake your hand,

but COVID is a thing now...


Michael Sinden

Managing Partner, Creative Lead


Michael has a diverse and demonstrated history working in private and not-for-profit sectors. As a Communications Specialist with a background in graphic design, he has held senior and influential roles in communications teams across a range of industries

Fixated on distilling complex ideas into simple and succinct results, his work across corporate branding and strategy has resulted in a deep understanding of how to effectively increase brand equity and leave lasting impact.

As Managing Partner, Michael continues to foster strong relationships with both new and existing organisations who would otherwise find engaging with their target markets, or influencing social change, cost prohibitive.

His continuing probono work helps to further the cause for a number of charity organisations, and facilitates the desired engagement from media and policymakers.


Ruth Heenan

Partner, Client Services and Lead Strategist


Ruth is an award-winning Executive Marketing and Communications Strategist, and creative content expert. She's a passionate and curious professional with agency and in-house experience across commercial, health, NFP and government sectors.


Ruth excels at engaging members of diverse communities, government agencies and private organisations in strategic communications to develop cross-functional relationships that lead to business growth and awareness raising. She's down to earth and approaches her work with professionalism, integrity, and a sense of humour.


Sophie de Wit

Partner, Imaging Lead


For many years, Sophie has continued to refine and finesse her skills in the photography and videography space. With some serious qualifications in photojournalism, she consistently captures compelling and emotive imagery in every frame. Leading all imaging projects for Sinden Creative, she works in collaboration with our clients to deliver the best-possible visual outcomes across video capture, photography, post-production and client delivery.

Her furry companions Otto and Pixie often provide on-site project management assistance with cable inspections, security, snack patrol and making the talent feel right at home.

Sophie, Otto and Pixie are integral members of our team and ensure that every production is delivered to the highest possible standard, every time.


Kate Tärtsus

Partner, Motion Lead


Working across a broad spectrum of motion projects, Kate is a passionate filmmaker with a very wide skillset. She's a great fit for the modern agency landscape where one-track production specialists are looking very dated, and experienced professionals who can lead creative, contribute to strategy, and lead production are in very short supply. She's a rare gem who can do it all.

Kate brings with her an outstanding, diverse portfolio, working with clients to produce exceptional animations and creative motion elements to all video projects at Sinden Creative. Her client-focused approach and her ability to dive deep into corners of our clients content, enables us to not only animate client content, but to tell stories.

Design Magazine

Everything but

 the kitchen sink.





  • Identify goals & channels

  • Define outputs

  • Define scope

  • Define budget

  • Develop strategy

  • Manage brand

  • Manage risk

  • Creative direction

  • Narrative development

  • Brand guidelines

  • Storyboarding

  • Customer experience

  • User journeys

  • Develop emotion

  • Re-visit project goals

  • Plan launch

  • Design

  • Shoot

  • Print

  • Deliver


  • Publication Design

  • Annual Reports

  • Corporate Collateral

  • Digital & Web Design

  • Brand Style Guides

  • Creative Execution

  • Product Packaging

  • Promotional Material


  • Storytelling

  • Documentaries

  • Explainers

  • Advertising

  • Social Media


  • Campaign Planning

  • Strategic Planning

  • Copywriting

  • Storytelling

  • Media Training

  • Content Workshops

  • Public Relations (PR)

  • Professional Editing

  • Consumer Marketing


  • Lifestyle

  • Studio

  • Drone / Aerial

  • Product

  • Events


  • Infographics

  • Storytelling

  • Social Advertising

  • Custom Motion Projects

  • Instructional & Explainers


  • Direct Printing

  • Large-scale mailouts

  • Large Format Print

  • Custom Finishes

  • Bespoke Projects

  • Branded Clothing

  • Building Signage

  • Vehicle Signage

  • Packaging 

Bringing stories to life.


If you're ready, so are we.

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